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A form of frontotemporal epilepsy in which the lesion develops in the opercular zone of the brain.

The clinical picture of convulsive seizures is represented by profuse salivation, clonic convulsions in the muscles of arcoxia pills, neck and larynx, a tingling sensation in the throat and half of the face. The most relevant is the division of temporal lobe epilepsy into.

The most common and frequently encountered form of symptomatic disease is medial, or mesial, temporal sclerosis.

Also in medicine there is such a thing as structural temporal lobe epilepsy, which means the morphological characteristics of etoricoxib condition. Idiopathic. With this form, there are no structural changes in the brain tissues. It develops under the influence of genetic factors. Cryptogenic. One of the most dangerous forms of temporal lobe epilepsy.

The disease tends to progress.

She is characterized by complex attacks, accompanied by pain in the heart and abdomen. People with cryptogenic temporal lobe epilepsy may become panicky and have olfactory and visual disturbances. Because of the feeling of fear, patients may take unreasonable actions. The occurrence of temporal lobe epilepsy can be triggered by a number of etoricoxib factors. They can be divided into two groups.

These include those that affect the fetus at the stage of its intrauterine development.

They also include generic influencing factors. The impetus for the development of temporal lobe epilepsy can be an injury received during childbirth, oxygen starvation of the fetus, various intrauterine infections such as measles, rubella, syphilis and others, as well as asphyxia of the baby at the time of birth.

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Underthese developmental mechanisms imply the occurrence of epileptic activity due to severe traumatic brain injury and infections affecting the central nervous system. This group of factors also includes hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke. Also, brain lesions such as large tumors, hematoma, cerebral aneurysm, sclerosis and abscess contribute to the progression of the disease. In more than half of the cases, the disease develops due to medial temporal sclerosis. This ailment can both cause epilepsy and be the result of prolonged convulsive seizures.

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Cryptogenic epilepsy is one of the most complex chronic pathologies of the central nervous system, the development of which is due to unidentified or uncertain causes. The disease is manifested by regularly recurring specific seizures. The cryptogenic form is found in almost 50% of patients suffering from epileptic seizures. Depending on the pathological focus, epilepsy can occur in such proportions as.


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